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Selling Lego On Bricklink – 7 Tips To Be Successful


There are so many reasons why people are selling Lego these days, I thought I would do some research why and found that there were three reasons that stood out. Some people think it is a get rich quick scheme (I am not going to kid you, selling Lego will not get you rich quick. It takes time and a lot of effort), some do it because they have a surplus of Lego and need to make space and the others do it to fund their Lego hobby and let’s be honest, Lego isn’t exactly cheap so selling Lego to buy Lego lessens the blow on the bank balance!

If you are interested in selling Lego and would like some tips to get you started, read on. If you read this and have other questions drop a comment below and I will see if I can help… Good Luck!

First step for Selling Lego… set up your account!

If you do not have an account go to and click the login or register button at the top right, you will see a form like this pop up, just fill it in and submit.


If you have a Bricklink account already you are halfway there.
To get a seller account, Bricklink will expect you to have an active account with at least one positive feedback.

Beware though, Bricklink don’t mess around. Be prepared to send a picture of yourself, photo ID, proof of address and proof of inventory.

If you already have an account, you can just go ahead and set up your store shipping methods and add some items to your inventory. After this you will need to wait for verification.

Do note that your store is defaulted closed until your store settings and information have been verified by Bricklink.

Set your goals early. What do you want to get from selling Lego?

Go big or go home? With Bricklink it helps to have a lot of difference types of bricks when selling Lego, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way if you aren’t trying to make a living from it.

I have always found the biggest challenge was time and space. Sorting through Lego takes a long time even if you are the most organised person in the world. I am not going to lie, its very repetitive!

If you have mixed Lego from your collection or some that you bought in bulk you need to be prepared to spend hours upon hours cleaning, sorting, cataloguing and adding to your stores inventory.

If this doesn’t sound appealing, you can make it simpler. Watch for deals and when you find a good one, use the Bricklink part out feature to work out the profit.

When selling Lego like this it makes it easier, you still have to catalogue the pieces, but you can add them all to your inventory in one go by again using the part out feature.


Selling Lego takes up a lot of room!

This really goes hand in hand with the goals you set.

If you want to make a living out of selling Lego, its recommended you have a minimum of 500k in your inventory at any given time.

Now imagine the size of space you need to be able to sort, organise and store that many Lego pieces. Say goodbye to a room in your house!

Of course, if you want to do this on a smaller scale you can just work with what space you have. Just keep replenishing your stock. It is even more important to keep organised if space is an issue for you.

Selling Lego means you need to keep organised!

When you come to sorting your Lego, you will want to be efficient with your time.

The last thing you will want is to be unorganised and make a sale only to find you cannot find some of the pieces!

Some people use Tupperware boxes, some takeaway boxes (new ones, not ones that smell of Chinese food!) or you can get organiser units with sperate drawers that you can label.

A label maker will be your best friend here, work out a way to catalogue them. Even just do AA01, AA02, etc etc.

When you come to the point where you are ready to get stock you must make sure that you put in the drawer catalogue number in to your Bricklink inventory.

Now you have done this when you make a sale the invoice will tell you which drawer to get the piece out from, nice and easy!

You will not be selling Lego without having good stock levels!

Once you have decided whether you will concentrate on new sets, bulk loose Lego or a mixture of both you are going to need to buy buy buy!

It is important that you keep an eye out for deals on new sets online, in supermarkets and everywhere in between.

If you are just interested in bulk buys then places like bootsales and Facebook will be your best friend, but be prepared to travel.

Here’s a list of places I would advise to keep an eye on to keep your stock levels up!

Take time to set up your shipping rules, make selling Lego easier for you!

If you want to increase your conversion rate, I cannot stress how important it is that you take the time to properly set up your shipping rules.

The aim here is to put in the necessary fees and rules so when someone comes to buy from your store that they can do it without having to request a quote.

For example, here are some of the rules from my very own store. It took a lot of trial and error tailoring it so hopefully this gives you an idea what to do.


Quality packing is essential!

If you treat every sale as though it was your own, you are going to do okay.

Would you be happy if you had saved up, bought that one set you was after for months or years only when you received it from the Bricklink seller its all bashed and smashed as they didn’t package it properly.

The answer is going to be no isn’t it?

Make sure you stock up on parcel bags, cardboard boxes (even if its ones from the local supermarket throwing them away), small bags and parcel tape.

Examples of the basic packing material you will want are:

Tape gun to make it quicker and easier sealing boxes

Parcel or Packing Tape (I advise the clear one as you do not have to worry if you cover delviery notes etc)

Cardboard boxes in various sizes

Bubble wrap, lots of it!

Parcel bags in various sizes

Resealable grip lock bags (these are perfect for minifigures and those smaller orders

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