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Create an Amazing Modular Medieval House Alternative Build

The LEGO tree house set (21318) is a very popular one, and it does bring a vast range of clever ideas. If you love the idea of creating a cool LEGO tree house, this set is pretty impressive, but at some point, you might get bored of it or perhaps you want to get more out of your money as the tree house will set you back a good £179.99, why not make the most of it! That’s why it makes a lot of sense to try an alternative build, and the Modular Medieval House Alternative Build by Gabizon-HTBI is by far one of the most interesting options.

Why should you choose this alternative build?

One of the things that make this build unique is the fact that you can repurpose the LEGO Tree House (21318) into something a lot more different. Creating a medieval house that fits your medieval LEGO sets might sound hard, but we make it very easy for you with this great modular house design. The alternative build provided here is unique, different and it even allows you to decorate the interior in no time. It works great, and it brings in front a multitude of benefits for you to explore.

The alternative build is all about offering you features big and small, from the tree near the incredible house right through to the tiled and expertly designed exterior. The colors are vibrant, and the fact that you can improve the interior design makes things even more interesting. It’s the quality that really sets the tone for something unique and different, and that’s exactly what makes it so appealing and rewarding.

Moreover, the steps provided in this alternative build make it really easy to create a cool medieval house in no time. Maybe the best thing about this build is that it’s complex, and it really feels like a genuine medieval house. Creating it from a treehouse may not seem that much at first, but it’s a feat of LEGO design, being restricted by the pieces you can use and creating something so totally different is an amazing achievement!

Very detailed alternative build

Since the original LEGO set is very detailed, the alternative build follows in its footsteps and it offers you a multitude of tools that you can repurpose at your own pace. The ability to decorate the interior is a plus. You don’t always see something like this in an alternative build, and that’s what makes it so good and interesting in the first place. It’s a fun build, especially for those that want to be creative and repurpose the original tree house set. The colors and unique setting allow you to create something cool and extremely appealing at the same time. And since the requirements are so detailed, you get all the information you need and so much more.


We recommend you check out the modular medieval house alternative build and you will find it a pleasure to create on your own. The alternative build instructions are highly detailed, accurate and you can create this model very fast. All you need is to visit our website, buy the alternative build files, and then start creating it on your own. It can be an amazing LEGO building project for the entire family.

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