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Get Ready For The Blind Build-Off Competition!

With everything going on in the world at the moment it’s great to be able to write this blog… It’s a bit different and it’s something I am excited about!

It’s Competition Time!

Not only is it competition time but it’s the first competition that we have hosted on Belle-Ve Bricks blog 🙂
The rules of the competition are:

  • Build the best Minotaur you can possibly imagine.
  • A rendered image must be submitted of the front and back of the build.
  • Remain ANONYMOUS.
  • You really need to love BrickHeadz for this competition
  • Have a drive to be the best and crush your competitors!

We will not be letting out whose builds are whose as I do not want any biased voting going on!

If you are interested about joining in on the competition drop a comment on here or contact me on Instagram or Facebook.

All submissions are to be entered by the end of Wednesday 25th March. Voting will happen throughout the remainder of the week, the entries will be released for voting on Friday 27th March and all of you will have time to vote for your favourite until Monday 30th March!

Good Luck & Happy Building!

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