How to plan, design and build a MOC BrickHeadz

Hello everybody! I had a very hard time choosing who to use as an example for my building process. I asked around on Instagram and among my AFOL friends. Seeing that I have been doing a lot of Marvel builds, after a suggestion from a fellow RLUG member I decided to honor the great Stan Lee.

Starting off, I would like to remind you that in theory, if you are planning to make a Brickheadz model, there is a certain standard, which I explained previously on my article. Obviously you are free to do as you like, however, adding too much height/width, using different eyes, or even changing the orientation of the eye print (!) would make your model stand out from the others in a weird way.

Using Nonnie as an example, I colored certain parts of his body to show what each of them would represent to help you out while creating your original design.

On to the build

Head Build – Face

For the front of the head, I divided it into 3 colors: the top two rows red, the third row yellow and the fourth row green.

The red area represents the forehead. Anything under the hairline and above the eyes would go in here. Stan doesn’t have any hair on his forehead, or any headgear, so this goes blank.

The yellow area represents anything eye-level. Brickheadz do not usually have noses so I didn’t add any. I used Dumbledore’s glasses (from LEGO set 41621) because I love them and because using the huge Brickheadz glasses will collide with the mustache.

The green area represents anything below the eyes and above the neck. Stan has his moustache so it is the only thing I added for this level.

Head Build – Side

Here I divided the area into three colors. The aqua tile represents the side of the head above the ears. Here you would add any hair or headgear that goes around the side of the head. For Stan I just made the sides of his hair. Since his hair is graying/turning white, I decided to color it white and have the top of the hair gray so you can have that color transition.

The orange tile represents anything in front of the ear. Here you would add any sideburns or extra hair – I just added a bit of sideburn.

The magenta tile on the back is for anything behind the ear. Here is where you would add, for example, any long hair tucked or flowing behind the ear.

Torso Build

The blue 4×4 plate under the head can be the neck or collar, usually the collar. For Stan I used it as the collar of his jacket, with 1×2 tile in white to represent the collar of his shirt in a VERY simple way.

The green parts of the torso I usually use for anything above the belt, the black parts represent the belt, and the white under the torso would represent underwear (that’s why I made them white!)

For Stan, his Jacket is a bit long so I made it go farther down the sides, going over the belt. I left the chest green and added a black 1×2 tile to represent the belt.

Torso Build – Side/Arms

Here I added just two colors for the simple arm build. I like to imagine the red tile being the top half of the arm, the orange clip being the lower half of the arm. You can use the clip as a hand/glove too if you’d like. Here I made both the simple build, and the bracket arms I love to use so I am able to add a bit more detail. (The white cuff of his shirt.)

Leg Build

The legs are usually 4 plates tall. I like to divide the legs into two halves, the gray plates representing details above the knee, the white plates representing everything below the knee. You could use both white tiles to represent a boot, or just the lowest tile (as I did here) to represent regular shoes.

Cleanup – FINISHED

Now that the design is done, I added the usual Cap’s shield (from LEGO set 41589) and Mjolnir so you can kind of tell it’s Stan Lee and not just a regular guy.

Hope this helped shed a bit of light into my design process and I hope this gave you a better understanding of the basics. Next week I will get into instruction making on 2, and will make the file available for you guys.

Play well!

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