LEGO IDEAS – LEGO Doggo By legotruman Review


I have been following legotrumans’s work on Instagram for some time now, they are unique sets that seem to all have a way of cheering you up even on the worst of days. This set on LEGO IDEAS is no exception to this, I love it! Who couldn’t love a LEGO Dog after all…

These sets are all small in size but pack a tonne of character, legotruman has caught the character of each dog and they are easily identifiable, this can be a massive challenge when working with a small number of bricks.

I love that the caption in his description says about riding them into battle, for those who collect BrickHeadz these are a must-have for their collection.

I am a little bit late with Valentine’s, but I could imagine the LEGO Valentine’s Puppy set (40349) surrounded by these little pups.

My personal favourite LEGO Dog is the Yorkshire Terrier, the facial features look just like our family dog… Just add him yapping all the time and it would be spot on!  


Even if this project does not get approved, I am hoping that legotruman would be interested in selling these doggos on our MOC Shop at Belle-ve Bricks.

The full read up on this LEGO IDEA set can be seen below. If you want to support this LEGO IDEAS project, click here to be taken to the page.

LEGO IDEAS Project Description

This project is for all Lego fans and Dog lovers!

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Who doesn’t love dogs? They are loyal, they are adorable, and they love you unconditionally.

Being both a dog lover and a lego fan, I want to celebrate the wonderful bond between humans and dogs with this project.

I also want to give fellow Lego fans some adorable ‘Good boys’ to build!

The Lego Doggos in this project works well as both toys and decorations.

I scaled the designs so they can be played together. The size also goes well with both Lego minifigures and Lego Brickheadz.

You can display them alongside your Brickheadz collection, or let your Lego knight ride them into Battle! (See example in the pictures)

7 Good boys in 1 set

 This set features 7 adorable Lego Doggos:

1. Beagle

Intelligent and has great sense of smell. Beagles are good at tracking and detection. Aside from being great pets, you can sometimes see them at duty in airports.

Oh, and those floppy ears are just too cute.

–  Part count:   100

2. Corgi

Cheerful and attentive. Corgis are energetic and likes to play. They have very cute little legs, so even a simple walk can be doubly adorable. Corgis are also beloved by the British Royal family.

Basically, they are very small.

–  Part count: 134

3. German Shepherd

Intelligent, loyal and courageous. German Shepherds are more than good family pets. They are frequently included in K-9 units and rescue teams.

–  Part count:  155

4. Husky

Friendly and gentle. Huskies love outdoor activities and enjoys accompanying their humans on hikes and runs. They are artic dogs, and can withstand cold weather, but snuggling with their humans inside the house can be pretty cozy too.

–  Part count:  113

5. Shiba Inu

Agile, playful and independent. The shiba inu is sometimes reserved to strangers, but loyal and affectionate to its human. They like to keep themselves clean, and licks their paws and legs often.

–  Part count:  113

6. Yorkshire Terrier

Very energetic and curios. These mini Chewbaccas can be feisty and need attentive humans. Proper grooming keeps them cute and happy.

–  Part count:  121

7. Pug

Sensitive and eager. They are good with children and are attentive to the mood of their humans. They like to follow their human around, except when they are napping.

They nap quite a lot. It’s the pug life XD

–  Part count:  107

Total parts:  843

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Cheers from a fellow Lego fan!


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