LEGO IDEAS – Medieval Blacksmith Shop Review


Last week Namirob’s Medieval Blacksmith LEGO IDEAS submission was approved, following from this I thought I would take a look at what others are around. I was pleased to find another Medieval Blacksmith by LEGO ScapeSculptureDesign.

At the time of writing this this submission currently has 4596 supporters with 349 days left to get the remaining support. With the quality of this design it is near impossible for it to not reach 10k!

The exterior has incredible detail, the technique used for the roof and brick work really brings the medieval feel to life. The armour and weapons that are scattered around the building are a nice touch too.

The building has two floors both with impeccable detail and I love the hinged back wall that increases the ‘play factor’, not having to pull it apart to place figures or furniture is a great idea!

To conclude, I personally prefer this design than Namirob’s. It looks great, its more functional and the level of detail gone into it is outstanding.

Great work on this LEGO ScapeSculptureDesign!

The read up from the LEGO IDEAS page can be seen below.
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Medieval Blacksmith Shop

In medieval times the “smithy” was necessary in every village for making weapons and tools for the farm. This modular building features advanced build techniques for the roof and masonry design. It also has a detailed interior you can access with detachable roofs and cabin.


I believe the Medieval Blacksmith Shop would be ideal as a display piece for adult/teenage collectors but has many play features also. Explore the interior workshop, armory, and leisure area by removing the roofs and swinging open the back wall. Forge weapons and tools by using the forging furnace, anvil, and grindstone. The forging furnace includes a “light brick” which you can access from inside the blacksmith shop.


3 Minifigures: Blacksmith, Apprentice, Customer and 1 Animal Goat Figure

Lots of tools/accessories both inside and out including a Light Brick

Total Parts: 2353

In my opinion the castle theme is overdue for a revival and I believe there is a demand for this “ramshackle” style of building with advanced build techniques. I hope you enjoy this model as it was a lot of fun to build this medieval theme.

Thanks for your support and comments!

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