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Lego MOC – Baby Groot by Choi Dambaek


When you thought you couldn’t like Groot anymore, he went and sacrificed himself in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie only to become an even more loveable character… baby Groot!

Read on to find details on the Lego MOC of Baby Groot that you are going to love!

Time to get nerdy, for anyone that’s interested here’s my extent of knowledge about Groot’s origin. I apologise if I get anything wrong, feel free to correct me or add on anything more you know in the comments below.

Groot’s species was known as a Floral Colossus, their home planet was very original, ‘Planet X’. Up until around the movie started it was through that the Floral Colossus were extinct. Oh and of course in the movies the only words he can say are “I AM GROOT” however I was told that in the first appearances of Groot he could actually speak whole sentences.

Moving on to Groot’s powers, from what I can remember he can heal himself, control other plant-based beings and can grow at an increased rate giving him the ability to expand his mass if needed.

For anyone that loves Marvel comics, movies or collectables the Lego MOC that Choi Dambaek has created is outstanding. It captures the features and character of Groot so well, it’s hard to find a negative in this build.

Not only does this Lego MOC look like something straight out of the movie all of the joints can articulate meaning you can put him in any pose you would like, even one where he can sit and play with his games console.

If you are interested in this MOC you can purchase it from our store. Click here to take a look.

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