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LEGO MOC – What Are They And How Do I Make One?


Have you seen people talking about LEGO MOC and wondered what they are or perhaps you know what one is, and you are not sure how to make one yourself?

A normal LEGO set is produced by The LEGO Group, a LEGO MOC is produced big or small by anyone else and is not officially released unless done so through the LEGO Ideas platform.

What does MOC stand for?

MOC stands for ‘My Own Creation’ which is a term used by LEGO artists and designers when creating unique custom designs.

What’s the difference between a LEGO MOC and a LEGO set?

A MOC (or My Own Creation) is a LEGO set that has been created by a non-LEGO represented or employed person.

Typically when you buy an official LEGO set it will be in a nicely designed box or poly bag, when buying a MOC it will normally be electronic consisting of an XML or IO file which is used to purchase the LEGO bricks and a PDF containing the instructions.

How to build a LEGO MOC

If you love LEGO and have a creative mind you should give it a go at making one. To do this you will need the following:

  1. A computer or laptop
  2. LEGO design software
  3. Time and patience

What software to use

There’s two main pieces of software you can choose from to use, both are freeware so feel free to give them both a go and see which you prefer. I personally prefer Stud.IO but that’s just me…

Lego Digital Designer (produces .LDD files) which was developed by the LEGO Group.

Stud.IO (produces .IO files) which was developed by BrickLink.

We will be working on a how to guide on designing MOCs soon!

What can I do with my MOCs?

It’s up to you what you do with your LEGO MOCs, a few suggestions are:

  1. Make them for fun or as a hobby and that’s it
  2. Create a social media account on Flickr, Instagram or Facebook and post pictures of your designs.
  3. Post them on social media and list them on Belle-Ve Bricks website to make money from your hard work.

Here are some examples to inspire you!

All of these are available from the Belle-Ve Bricks store!

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