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What To Do With Your Old Lego Bricks

If you are trying to figure out what to do with that tonne of Lego bricks that you have mixed up in containers, this blog will be perfect for you.

We have done some research and found the best ways others have made the most of their huge loose Lego collection! Here goes…

Give your old Lego bricks to friends or family

This is a perfect opportunity to get a niece, nephew, son, daughter, friend or even foe into the hobby of Lego.

Unfortunately, my level of imagination likens the same as a piece of wood, give me a bag of Lego and I will be able to make a wall, may be even a house with no roof…  but there are a lot of people out there who can take any Lego bricks and turn them in to something amazing.

Lego is not a cheap hobby to have either, most people will be ecstatic to be given some for free!

Charity shops always need more stock

If you do not have anyone to give your Lego bricks to and you aren’t bothered about making money from it why don’t you bag it up and take it to a local Charity shop?

There are loads of them around, they are all for a good cause but if you have a charity that means a lot to you then now you can do your bit by donating your old Lego.

Some Charity shops in the UK that come to mind are:

  • St Michael’s Hospice
  • Age UK
  • Oxfam
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Age Concern

Donate to a local school

Why not take the opportunity to speak to the schools in your area to see if they would be interested in taking the Lego bricks off your hands?

The school budgets aren’t getting any bigger and with the schools being forced to take on more and more children they need to get any help they can.

I would advise that if you were going to do this that you check over your Lego bricks and remove any that are not in good condition.

If you have time perhaps you could give them a quick wash too, I have found putting them in a fine netted bag and then just running them through the shower works well.

Organise your Lego bricks to sell or build MOCs with

If you have some spare time why not get organised and sort/catalogue them all.

Once you have them organised you will be able to make the most of what you have.

We have plenty of MOC designs in our MOC shop which you could buy and make endless amounts of new unique sets.
If you haven’t heard of MOCs and you are unsure how to buy the missing bricks to make up the set you will be pleased to know that we have a video and written guide showing you how to buy the right bricks, its surprisingly simple. If you want to try it out why not get one of our FREE MOCs that we have to offer and then you can see how it goes? We are here to help too so if you get stuck just drop us a message.

Now could also be your time to start a Bricklink store, if you have a decent amount of Lego bricks spare then take the opportunity to start your own Lego business.

If you would like any tips to get you started, you can visit our blog ‘7 tips to be a successful Bricklink seller’.

List it on eBay or Facebook for a bulk sale

If you want to get rid of it quickly there is a quite simple option, list it online as a bulk sale.

Do bear in mind when selling Lego in bulk you will not get any where near as much for it than you would if you sold the Lego bricks individually.

It depends what you want and on your situation, if you are prepared to put the time in sorting the Lego bricks and putting them in to your Bricklink inventory you will make more money but it will take a lot of time.

If you want someone to just come to your house and take it off your hands then listing it online is probably good option for you.

Recycling your Lego bricks is a no go I am afraid

Unfortunately, Lego bricks are not recyclable due to the types of plastics they are made with. These plastics are not accepted at many recycling centres.

Taking them to be recycled with the rest of your plastic will result in the Lego bricks sitting in landfill for a very long time which is not what we want!

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